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Rt. Hon. Dame Andrea Leadsom MP learns about Eco-Church at the Tove Valley Centre

We are delighted that Dame Andrea Leadsom accepted our invitation to visit the TVC and find out about what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint and look after God's creation. During her visit yesterday, 17th June, we were able to explain that we have recently achieved A Rocha UK's bronze award and a bit about how we have been able to do that.

Awards are achieved by using an online survey; a tool that helps us to decide on ways to improve how we care for God’s earth. In order to achieve the award, we reached the required standard in each of the areas covered by the survey.

The five areas of church life that are surveyed include:

Worship and Teaching

Management of church buildings

Management of church land

Community and global engagement


It was also an opportunity to ask Mrs Leadsom about what the government is doing to fulfil its commitment to reducing global warming. We appreciate the very full answers and explanations that Mrs Leadsom provided about the many initiatives and technologies that will enable us to make a real difference to our impact on the environment.

We were also able to ask about some of the local issues, such as the Towcester relief road and the need for footpath/cycle paths to encourage people to stop using their cars. There was widespread agreement that we must take radical action, for the benefit of our children and grandchildren, who sometimes seem better able to recognise the urgency than us adults.

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