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Eco-Friendly Big Welcome

On Sunday 25th September, we welcomed lots of our neighbours and friends to our annual 'Big Welcome'. This year, we took a more environmentally-friendly approach to the event, with 'Fairtrade' teas and coffees, locally sourced BBQ food, natural items for crafting, such as cones, feathers, conkers and shells, as well as a bug hunt to teach children more about the mini-creatures that we share our world with. The latter went down particularly well!

Inside the Foyer area, we were delighted to be able to display 4 large banners depicting different aspects of our wonderful Creation: The Coast, The Sky, Trees and a beautiful Kingfisher. The banners were on loan from the Baptist Union Environmental Network (BUEN) that supports Baptist Churches that want to better look after the natural world.

Visitors were encouraged to take time to sit and contemplate the 4 aspects of Creation, and have a chat with a friend about their thoughts and reflections.

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