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Come work with us...

Tove Valley Baptist Church is looking for a part-time Cleaner/Site Supervisor to work in the new Tove Valley Centre, based in Towcester, Northants.


TVBF are celebrating three years since the Tove Valley Centre opened its doors as a home for the church and a welcoming space for the community.

The centre is well used by both the community and the church and we are now looking for someone who can join us in ensuring the Tove Valley Centre is clean and well maintained for everyone who comes here.

TVBF is seeking a motivated and proactive individual who is committed to ensuring that the building and environment is clean and safe, to assist with the smooth and efficient running of the Tove Valley Centre.

This part-time role will include cleaning and general maintenance responsibilities.


There is more information in the Job Description on our website or please contact Rosie Binley, TVBF Secretary, 

download job decscription here ->

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