Worldwide Mission

As a church we financially support BMS World Mission and Home Mission. We also support a number of our own members as well as other people and organisations we know who are called by God to do mission work around the world. Below are details of some of those that we support or have supported in recent years:

David and Amy Barker, Kenya

David and Amy Barker have returned from working with Pioneers out in Turkana, Kenya.

Dave was involved with local church planting and the discipleship of newly planted churches. He was also developing new agricultural projects, to help local people grow their own food in a region that has only 150mm of rain a year.

Amy was involved in the schools set up by Pastor Daniel and supported by the Young Harvest Trust. She was teaching English, working with the teachers and getting involved in the local community. There are more than 100 children in a class aged between 3 and 8, with virtually no resources and often no translator!

They both spent time learning the local languages (Swahili and Turkana) and learning more about the local culture and way of life.

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Pokhara Study Centre, Nepal

Anne Townsend has travelled to Nepal on a few occasions to teach a small class of infants at the Pokhara Study Centre in Nepal. This is an English speaking school and the pupils are mainly children of missionaries and expats. It is a small school with one infant and one junior class. Anne was working with Elly Lomath who is there with her husband, sent by BMS and working with International Nepali Fellowship (INF).
Before travelling out there the first time she wrote the following message.

“The regular class teacher, Sue, has a vision for little Nepalese village schools and Sunday schools and needs to go out and train the Nepalese teachers in the classroom situation. So far she has had no one to cover her class to enable this, and had been praying for a long time that God would send someone. That someone is me, and I feel privileged to take part in this work and am looking forward to experiencing another culture and The Lord’s work out there first hand.

“Nepal has areas of great poverty and many people live at subsistence level. There are only about 50% who have access to some form of education. Females are very much second class. The main religions are Hinduism and Buddhism with some Muslims.
It is a beautiful country composed of the Ganges plain of the Terai on the southern border with India rising to 1000 ft. Then there are the middle hills rising to 15,000 ft and it is in this area that the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara are situated. North of this are the high Himalayas which separate Nepal from Tibet/China.

“I am sure that I will enjoy working for a while in Nepal, and experiencing God’s magnificent handiwork. I will keep in contact with TVBF at regular intervals.”

The Garden Community Café

The Garden Community Café is based in Newham, East London and is part of the Ascension Community Trust. The main objective of the Garden Café is to provide a community space in order to promote health and wellbeing, togetherness, acceptance, safety, creativity and empowerment.

Hannah Binley is now employed by the Garden Community Café as a Community Integration Worker, still linked with XLP after finishing two years of voluntary work for the Christian youth charity. As part of her work Hannah has set up projects, with the aim to create community cohesion and share God’s love in the area of Custom House. These include Guitar Lessons, Craft Clubs and Mentoring with the neighbouring secondary school.

Contact Hannah Binley for more information.

Young Harvest Trust

The Young Harvest Trust is a charity largely consisting of members of TVBF. In 1993 it provided funding to build and support a school in the Turkana region of northern Kenya with the aim to educate and feed local children and so enable them to enter State schools. The work has since expanded to support another school.
In addition the charity has also helped the local community by supporting Churches and starting adult education programmes in the villages where the schools are located.
The work is coordinated in Kenya by Pastor Daniel Muiruri.

Contact Keith Barker for more information.

turkana_school_outsideIn April 2010, Pete and Shelagh Chapman and Pete and Loretta Boreham travelled to Kenya to visit Pastor Daniel and to raise the profile of the Turkana Project.
While they are there they also taught at a youth convention, attended local churches and visiting the town of Kakuma where there is the possibility of a new school being built supported by the Young Harvest Trust.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

YWAM (Youth With a Mission) is an international Christian organisation with the aim to known God and make Him known throughout the world. Their main focus is to get youth involved in short-term mission work, though they also involve people from a wide range of ages.
Their ministries cover the three categories of evangelism, training and mercy ministry.

Roy and Lynda Bolton travelled to Worcester, South Africa with YWAM in April 2010.
Roy taught cooking skills and food safety to groups primarily of young women who live in poverty to enable them to be employed in good jobs and earn a better living through catering.

Vicky Bolton has been involved with YWAM for many years, starting on the DTS programme and now working on the teaching staff at The King’s Lodge, one of YWAM’s locations in the UK.

Mission Direct

Mission Direct is a UK based Christian charity that enables groups of volunteers to support locally led projects among some of the poorest people around the world.

Mary Tansley travelled to Sierra Leone in West Africa for two weeks in January 2010 with Mission Direct.
While there she was involved in running training days for teachers from a number of primary schools in the capital city, Freetown. She also visited some of the local primary schools where the teachers had come from and homes for the elderly and street children.

This is not the first time Mary has been to Sierra Leone, she has visited the country on two previous mission trips with Mission Direct.

dominican_republicLee and Hannah Hillyard and James Yates went to the Domican Republic with Mission Direct in April 2009. Together with a group of other volunteers they worked on projects such as building homes, visiting hospitals and distributing aid.

Lee Hillyard had previously visited the Dominican Republic with Mission Direct in 2008, and worked on projects to help people living in poverty.

Prison Ministry

Prison Fellowship aims to support prisoners by coming alongside them, praying and supporting them to change.
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Several of our members are actively involved in local prisons, through the Sycamore Tree programme (a victim awareness course based on Restorative Justice), Angel Tree (giving gifts at Christmas to prisoners’ children on their behalf) and praying for and supporting local prisons.

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The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission (TLM) ministers to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of individuals and communities disadvantaged by leprosy; working with them to uphold human dignity and eradicate leprosy. Their vision is for a world without leprosy. TVBF has been supporting the work of TLM in India.

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XLP is a Christian charity that aims to transform the attitudes and behaviours of young people in London, raise their sense of self worth and encourage them to make wise lifestyle choices. They work in some of the most challenging areas of London, running projects within the estates and schools to meet these aims.