Weekly Diary

An outline of our regular meetings, groups and clubsdiary

Sunday 10.00am Pre-service Prayer at Towcester
10.15am Pre-service Prayer at Weston
10.30am Praise services at Towcester and Weston including groups for young people
Communion Services 3rd Sunday in the month
Monday 10.30am Weston Cell Group at Weston
Evening Cell Groups

Alpha Course starts 9th October 2017

Tuesday 9.30am Weekly Leisure Walk and Coffee Stop at Weston
7.00pm Art Club at Weston
Evening Cell Groups
Wednesday 9.30am Wednesday Tots at St John’s Ambulance Hall
10.00am Tiny Tots at Weston
6.00pm Youth Cells
Evening Cell Groups
7.45pm Worship Group practice
Friday 10.30am


 Mums & Tots Bible Study Group

Juniors Youth Club (Years 3-6)

7.45pm Seniors Youth Club (Years 7-11)

Please get in touch for more information about any activity.