At TVBF we run activities for young people during Sunday morning services, Youth Club on Friday evenings and occasional socials on Sunday evenings. Details about when the groups meet and what they do are given below. For more information please contact

  • You can download an Impact Invite to print off and give to your friends about our periodic Sunday morning event for all the youth at TVBF.

Discovery Zone

On Sunday mornings, during the latter part of the main service in Towcester, there is around an hour of interactive learning and sharing time, for all children and young people. We use stories, creative work, activities, drama and games to build a faith and understanding of the things of God, principally by discovering what the Bible says and relating this to the children’s lives.


Crèche facilities are available for parents/carers to use at Towcester for the under 3’s during the Sunday morning service.  A speaker in the crèche area relays what is happening in the main hall, so that the adults do not miss out.

Youth Club

The group meets on Friday evenings, in the Wellbeing Cafe in Towcester from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. The group is for school years 3-11.
The main aim is, whilst having fun, to build relationships between young people and also between the young people and the leaders.

Every summer we run a Holiday Club, fun activities with Christian input.

Please contact for more information about Youth Club.


Youth Mission

In 1999, 2002 and 2007 a number of the youth, along with other people in the church went on short-term mission trips to Romania, Ukraine and Kosovo. You found out more information about the people and organisations we support overseas on the Worldwide Mission page.


Cell Groups

Midweek there are groups that are designed to help the youth get to know more about God, the Bible, the world and each other. The youth cells are led by young people with support from an adult leader and are for those in school years 7 and up.
The locations and times vary. Typically the groups meet on Wednesdays for boys and Thursdays for girls around 6pm.

Please contact Laura Patterson for more information about Youth Cells.

Aims of our Youth Work

At Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship we aim to:
Provide a safe, caring, loving, yet challenging environment in which children and young people encounter God and respond positively to the Gospel of Jesus. Through sound Bible teaching, positive relationships and personal examples, as well as actively teaching God’s values, we aim to lead children and young people towards personal faith and growth into Christian maturity. We recognise that children and young people have an important role to play in the life of the church and of the community.
We recognise that children and young people are part of our fellowship today. They have much to give as well as receive. We will listen to them as we disciple them in Christian teaching and values, as well as in community life, we will respect their wishes and feelings.

As members of Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship, we commit ourselves to the discipling, protection and safekeeping of all, especially our children and young people.

  • We recognise that it is the responsibility of each one of us to safeguard children and young people from physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, and to report any abuse discovered or suspected.
  • We recognise that our work with children and young people is the responsibility of the whole church.
  • We are committed to support, resource and train those who work with children and young people. We are committed to following the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s booklet Safe to Grow. This draws upon the 13 recommendations set out in the Home Office Code of Practice Safe From Harm.

More information

Please contact for more information on any youth activity.