Vision for the Tove Valley

The story so far

The area adjacent to the river Tove consists of village communities, many of which once contained vibrant Christian churches but no longer do so. In the late 1990s we sensed God’s calling to try to reverse this. So when Helmdon and Weston Baptist church approached us, seeking our partnership and support, we recognised this as the first step towards fulfilling the vision we already had.

Tove Valley Centre
TVC Model

As part of our aim to express God’s love for our community we have a vision to build a new Centre as a focus for the life and work of the church.
The Tove Valley Centre, to be built on the Shires estate within Towcester, is designed to be the new home for the Towcester congregation; to serve our town and situate our church at the heart of it; to be a Christian resource for the whole Tove Valley area, and to help us reach its people for Christ.

The first towards this vision was when we sold and moved out of our old premises on Watling Street, in February 2001. The Towcester congregation currently meet in the hall of Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School until the new Centre can be built.

Recent news about the Tove Valley Centre project can be found on the Tove Valley Centre website. The site has draft plans of the new building, ways to be involved with fundraising and contact details to give your feedback.

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